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Hejin Body Works


When I stumbled across this company, I was instantly happy!  Not sure if it's the cute little pig or the bubbles in the logo, but when I saw it, I immediately wanted to take part.  Great marketing on the part of Christina and her husband Matt.  Although I've not communicated with them much, just from the look of their shop and the products they produce, their fun-loving spirit endears me to them and hopefully soon, I will have the honor of meeting them (big plans in the works ;). 

 Hejin (pronounced "Hedge In") Body Works' origin story has to do with a pig that liked mud but not using harsh chemicals to clean himself.  Thus he began a journey to create great natural skin care products - Sounds perfectly sound to me!

Every facet of company is creative and playful. I fell in love with the product names just as much as I enjoy the great quality of their soap and the fantastic price!  Hejin body works makes a wide variety of cold process soaps (and yes, variety is the spice of life!) as well as lip balms, lotions, massage oils, bath teas pet shampoos and other skin goodies.  At $3.95 per bar of 4 oz bar of soap and $8.95 for 12 oz of body butter, this company has to have one of the lowest price points I have seen for handmade body products.  Don't let the price fool you, I truly enjoyed their products from the groovy names to the bubblocity (it is a word and I'm sticking to it).  If you're ever in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, stop by their shop, it will be well worth the trip!


I received my box of Hejin Body Works products quickly - their website is clean, and easy to navigate as well as fun to read.  All orders are shipped priority mail with free shipping on orders over $30 and $5 flat rate shipping for orders under $30.

In my box were a bar of Pina Koala, Go Bonkers and the Pink Himalayan Salt Bar. 

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I had been dying to try Pina Koala, it seemed like an extremely unique scent combination of tropical fruit, chili pepper and eucalyptus.  Who would think up something like that?  When using the bar, the scent was great.  Not one of the scents listed stood out or overpowered the others, what I smelled was a cool tropical scent when was reminiscent of a day at the beach.  The bar was firm and lathered well.  It was an excellent shower experience!

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Go Bonkers was next on my list to try.  The description on the website of a deep, fruity scent is pretty accurate.  It was like a tropical fruit explosion of fragrances reminiscent of a fragrance I've used before - "Butt Naked" or even "Jamaican Me Crazy". This bar, though with the same basic recipe as Pina Koala was not as firm as I would have liked.  It however lathered nicely and the color did not transfer on my white wash cloth.

Last, but certainly not least was the Himalayan Salt Bar.

courtesy hejin body works
This bar was like the great awakening, I felt myself coming out of the showering with a ray of light from above and that glorious "ahhhhhhhh" sound echoed in my bathroom.  I am a believer in the need to exfoliate and this bar is perfect for that.  It is scented with peppermint and lemon essential oils that really give you a lift and leave your skin tingly.  Being mostly salt, this bar was extremely firm and just delightful to use.  Because my sensitive skin cannot handle daily washing with soaps that include exfoliants, this is not an everyday cleanser, but is an amazing pick me up when you're feeling a little blah.

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