Friday Feature: DIY Shaving Cream

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Some of you have requested more recipes from me, so this one is for you!

I saw this simple little lovely by Top Knot on Facebook.  A simple, easy, shaving cream!

DIY All Natural Shaving Cream
Posted by Top Knot on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Seems like it would be great with a bit of lavender essential oil combined with some citrus.  What do you think?  Let me know how this one works out for you and what fragrance (if any) you chose!

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Review: October Handmade Cartel Box

Hi LoveBuds!

Forgive me for missing posting a #mashupmonday post yesterday.  I am still learning some new technologies that will allow me to provide you with more content.  Meetings with clients and a friends' wedding Sunday took more time than I expected ~ no worries, you will definitely get a #mashupmonday post next week AND I've got something really cool for you today.

I received my Handmade Cartel box for October and in this video, I will share my initial thoughts on this box.  I was captivated with the September box, so much, that I decided to give an October box away as a part of my Social Media Fan Appreciation Giveaway!

Take a look at what one lucky winner will receive:

Have you tried Handmade Cartel?  Let me know your thoughts!  

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Feature Friday: Moroccan Mint Tea Soap

*EDIT: This was incorrectly scheduled while trying out a new automatic posting system.  Won't be using that anymore, so here it is if you missed the first time...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Handmade in Florida makes some of the most beautiful soap I've seen.  Zahida put extra love into each and every bar.

In this video, she creates "Moroccan Mint Tea" a beautiful minty tea blend that I decided not to purchase during the last release but Zahida included a sample with my order.  I was instantly sad that I did not purchase a full bar.  During Handmade in Florida releases, the inventory sells out in MINUTES, so there was no going back to grab a bar, but the very next time she offers it, I'll be snatching up a few.

Zahida has leaked on Facebook that there will be an October release from Handmade in Florida.  Keep an eye out and get there early or you'll miss out on these gorgeous handmade gems.

Peace, Love & Loads of Bubbles!

These products are the BOMB! Review of Xplosive CosmetiX

Xplosive CosmetiX

I am not sure what drew me to try these products.  I believe I was browsing Etsy and came across their flamboyant products in bright, dare I say "explosively" designed packaging.  Whatever it was that caused me to purchase these items, I am glad that I was spurred to try this product line.  

Danielle opened the Xplosive CosmetiX shop on Etsy just about two years ago and in that time she produced a line of bath and body products that have delighted thousands of customers with its offerings of handmade soaps, body butters, cosmetic micas, perfumes and wax tarts.  
I received Hawaiian Flower soap, Candy Twist and Sex in the Shower whipped soaps and Rock Candy whipped soap sugar scrub.  

The Hawaiian Flower cold process soap was a very firm bar weight about 5.4 oz and was priced at $6.25, which is very reasonable.  The fragrance was a subtle floral arrangement with a slight spicy undertone.  It lathered very will with big bubbles and a creamy feel.  The bar itself had great slip and my skin felt great after using it.  The soap included colloidal oatmeal, kaolin clay and coconut milk. 

I was excited to try the Fluffy Whipped soap because it is propylene glycol free!  However I tempered my excitement because many cream soaps don't lather very well.  But I was delightfully surprised by this product.  The lather was exceptional not as much as some handmade soaps I've used but there were actual bubbles!  and the candy twist scent is similar to my all time favorite soap fragrance, ever so that was a definite treat!  

The whipped sugar scrub uses the whipped soap as a base so again, my skin was not irritated though it did not lather as well as the cream soap, but that is to be expected because of the added sugar.  The scrub is lightly exfoliating and the Rock Candy scent is LOVE.

I was highly impressed with these products and would recommend them to anyone, especially someone who is looking for a more natural cream soap product.

More Xplosive Cosmetix?

Facebook        Esty        YouTube    

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Feature Friday: Lavender Cold Process Soap

Hey Love Buds!

It's Feature Friday and today we look back at a soap offered by Petals Bath Boutique a few years ago called "Serenity Falls", which is a lavender scent.  In this video, Kia demonstrates a Taiwan swirl, which I think is gorgeous, and she does it in under 15 minutes! LOL

This soap is gorgeous in its complex simplicity and lavender is a favorite fragrance of mine.  What do you think about this one?  Should Kia bring it back?

Don't miss the autumn release from Petals Bath Boutique, it's TODAY at 6:30 EST!

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8 Reasons You NEED to Shop the October Petals Bath Boutique Release!

 As the days shorten and the temperatures drop, my anticipation grows and I'm so excited that the Petals Bath Boutique autumn release will soon be upon us.

As I've made evident in previous blog posts and videos, Petals Bath Boutique is one on my favorite handmade soap companies and this is most evident during their Fall release.  Four, yes FOUR of my absolute all time favorite soaps are apart of the Petals' Fall release.  With my current collection of soap now topping more than 150 different bars of soap, for 4 of my top 10 to be from one company speaks to much I truly enjoy these particular soaps.  And actually 2 more of my top 10 are a part of the Petals Bath Boutique winter release.

The Petals Bath Boutique is a MUST shop release for anyone who loves artisan bath & body products or even someone looking to try a great brand for the first time.  Here are 8 reasons you CAN'T MISS THIS LAUNCH:

Reason #8: THE GREAT PUMPKIN ~ Now, I will say that I am not a huge fan of pumpkin scents, but this one is to die for!  It smells like candied yams - sweet and robust with an almost buttery finish.  Such an awesome salute to Autumn!

Reason #7: GUMBALL ~ OMG, when I first saw this one, I thought to myself "I don't want to smell like bubblegum", but then I tried it and I was soooo wrong.  This one smells exactly like it's name, like a big 'ol wad of Hubba Bubba and it is fantastic!  Perfect this time of year when we kinda start feeling like kids as we rummage through our kids trick or treat stash!
Reason #6: THE INGREDIENTS ~ Petals Bath Boutique soap bars are firm bubbly bars.  Made with heaping helpings of coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and shea butter, this well rounded basic recipe is made creamy and rich with added goat milk.  Skin softening and nourishing additives of silk, sandalwood, colloidal oatmeal and avocado oil help skin to feel conditioned after use.  The kaolin clay creates incredible slip.  Combined, these ingredients create a bar of soap that is exactly what your skin needs!

Reason #5: HONEYBEE HARVEST ~  This scent is one that I include in my must have "neutrals".  It is a soft nectar scent with some bright bergamot and citrus notes sweetened with honey and toffee then grounded with a white musk.  The scent is unique and complex, yet light and simple.  A perfect companion for the cooler weather. (No. 6 on my top 10 favorites list)

Reason #4:  MASQUERADE ~ So beautiful, previously she dawned top hats and fans, but the soap remains amazing in it's fruity, floral combination featuring of notes of orange, pink grapefruit, strawberry, pear.  The scent to me has hints of grape and lilac even though they are not listed in the description.  This soap is daring and beautiful. (This one is number 4 favs list)

Reason #3: Hypnotic ~ Bright melon notes intermingle with sparkling mandarin, jasmine, orange blossom (neroli), violet and heliotrope.  Vanilla and amber round out the bottom notes of this intergalactic blend.  When I close my eyes, I imagine this is what flowers on Mars would smell like, lol. (my no.2 fav).

Reason #2: VENOM ~ This gorgeous, skull adorned, fizzy, cherry, citrus beauty is my all time favorite soap, of ALL TIME!  The smell is so addictive and intoxicating, if you have not tried this, trust me you haven't lived!

Reason #1: THEY WON'T LAST LONG!  Many of Kia's soaps sell out on the night of the release and then they could be gone until next year!  You don't want to miss out on any of these or the many other delightful items that will be available on OCTOBER 16th!

Make sure to follow +Petals Bath Boutique  on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to get teasers and updates and the time (usually in the evening) so that you can be first in line to try all this awesomeness!


Oh, and Love Buds, just for you, as a part of SOCIAL MEDIA FAN APPRECIATION BONANZA giveaway, I have 2 Petals Bath Boutique Prize packs worth over $25 each.  One includes several soap released previously this year that are no longer available and the other features all of the lovelies I talked about above!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and other social media outlets to gain chances to win of the amazing prizes then click on the link to the giveaway to enter!

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Handmade Cartel and Hot Coco Box and...

It's all about subscription boxes today.  My first YouTube video in a couple of months, I know, I know, I have definitely got to step up my YouTubing.  I will, I will!

 I'm excited to share my new YouTube intro and outro with all of you, hope you like them!

I'll post a more in depth video of the October sub boxes I receive, but personally, I hate to see someone sitting trying to open the box, trying to read the labels and inserts, etc.  So yes, I will do more subscription box videos but no, I'm sorry, in the videos I will have already opened the boxes and will share my first opinions. If a YouTube video is over 15 minutes it should be considered a short movie!

 Enough about YouTube, you want to enter the giveaway, right?  Real simple, check below.

Social Media Fan Appreciation Bonanza!
Please share with others, the winners will be chosen as soon as I have 1000 Facebook Fans, 2500 Instagram Followers, 100 Twitter Followers and 100 YouTube Subscribers.
Tomorrow, I'll give you the deets on the Petals Bath & Boutique Autumn release and some more good news!

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#Mashup Monday Lei'ed Down Under

Today I my adventures take me to lands far, far away.  But how can you visit the land down under and the tropics in a single day?  On #mashupmonday, anything is possible!

I started with this cool Koala soap which combines tropical fruit, chili pepper, and eucalytus scents and the result in an energizing and refreshing bath time treat!  Hejin Body Works offers a huge variety of awesome handmade soaps at the best prices I have found to date!  I adore their bars for delivery maximum suds and soft skin with minimal pocket purging.  Visit them soon, I recently got word that they may be shutting down operations.  Trust me, their items are something you don't want to miss!

I then used Mango Hibiscus sea salt scrub.  This delightful scrub exfoliated well with plenty of skin loving butters and oils and the fragrance is to die for!  The sweetness of the mango is balanced with the tart floral essence from the hibiscus flowers.  The Black Tie Market can be found on Etsy, however this particular scrub is not available at this time.  I do hope it makes a come back for summer, until them I am rationing it carefully.

What crazy bath adventures do you have planned?  This week, I've got a new YouTube video sharing some great sub boxes and a special surprise (it's about the giveaway) so stay tuned because I will also give you several reasons not to miss the upcoming Petals Bath Boutique release!

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Friday Feature: Flower in Soap

Hey Love Buds!  I've decided that on Fridays I will post a Friday Feature from YouTube.  Sometimes, it will be a video of my own creation but sometimes I will share a video that I enjoyed... Sooooo on with the show!

This Friday I am featuring a video I found on YouTube created by lucie3232.  Lucie3232 is a french soap maker who in this video creates a beautiful floral work of art in a black soap base.

Lucie3232 creates beautiful works of art on her channel, which you should definitely check out. I really love that her videos are beautifully shot and are cute and concise.

Tell me what you think!

Until next time,

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What a Revolting Discovery!

I came across Soap Revolt Naturals on Etsy.  Immediately, I was drawn the the wholesome goodness that just seemed to be emanating from their product catalog.  Jean, the owner, like many other handmade bath and body product makers began creating products due to her own health concerns.  While battling with cancer, she became aware of the toxins in many commercial products and decided to do better.

And that she did.  Her collection of handmade products include soap, moisturizers, face care and men's items.  All are made with no artificial colors or preservatives.

When reviewing these products I was suffering with a cold, I thought it would be a great time to use the lavender mint, dead sea clay soap...AND IS WAS RIGHT!  The exfoliating qualities of the dead sea clay really helped to stimulate blood flow while absorbing impurities and the lavender mint scent opened up my sinuses.  The lather was amazing and my skin was smooth and silky after using it.
soap for sensitive skin face body wash 
I used the big pumpkin soap as a face cleanser and I really love how it cleaned without stripping.  With continued use I had clean bright skin.  Great Stuff!

The shower oil is a light blend of natural seed oils that penetrates quickly and conditions instantly.  It is a great blend for both skin and hair and is light enough to use in the shower prior to drying off as well as after drying off (using for both works nicely as well).

The only downside to this entire experience was the scent of the shower all.  With it being named "orange blossom",  I was expecting a neroli (actual blossoms from orange tree essence) scent, which I find to be very refreshing.  This was scented with orange along with what smells like clove essential oil.  The clove is a turn off for me.  After using the shower oil, to me, I smelled like a holiday ham - you know the ones with the sweet red glaze and cloves stuck all in it.  But that was the only downside.  I really love the way this oil feels when I use it and might try so #mashup ideas with it to lessen the clovey scent.

More Soap Revolt Naturals?  Check them out on:


Later Love Buds!

#Mashup Monday ~ Age of Innocence

This week, I combined products from two wonderful companies, Handmade in Florida and Alchemic Muse.  

When I first received my order from Handmade in Florida's last release, I wasn't too sure whether I liked this scent or not.  But the more I sniffed it, the more it grew on me.  Innocence is described on Handmade in Florida's website as "A delicate blend of peonies, hyacinth, day lilies, apple blossoms and soft bergamot". The apple blossom in this scent is really prevalent with bergamot adding an a greenery sort of essence bottom to the fragrance.  

The scent just seemed to beg to be paired with something fruity and earthy.  Why?  What came to mind was an orchard where the breezes were scented with fruit trees and freshly tilled earth.  Thinking of a moisturizer in my stash that filled these two criteria, Alchemic Muse's Razzouli came to mind.  Razzouli is a perfect blend of ripe raspberry and patchouli.  

Each of these products performs awesomely on it's own.  Soap bars by Handmade in Florida are always gorgeously designed with delicate swirls highlighted with mica.  The bars are firm, bubbly and have a nice amount of slip.  These leave your skin clean yet silky smooth and moisturized after using them.  

Alchemic Muse was the first company that I found whose whipped soap I could use without having irritated skin afterward.  Her Body whip is a rich body cream that instantly penetrates and hydrates skin.  

The resulting experience was just as I expected, reminiscent of a stroll through one of the many popular orchards indigenous to my local area in Maryland.  A Fall delight!

What are you mixing up this week?  Me, I'm working hard on posting a few new YouTube videos and getting a HUGE giveaway organized for you!

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Until next time Love Buds,

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