Recipe: Easy Creamy Sugar Scrub

(Citrus Lavender Edition)

Exfoliating skin is the best way to experience the maximum from your bath and body products.  As skin ages, the top layer dries up and dies (sad, but true).  This dead layer of skin is unable to absorb vital nutrients, conditioners and lipids (fats) that help skin to be healthy and glowing.  By scrubbing this layer of skin off you reveal healthy, young skin that will readily accept all of your awesome body products and put them to good use!

If you happen to be without a good sugar scrub or would like to save a little money, I'm going to share a very simple sugar scrub recipe that you can make in about 10 minutes and you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now!  

As far as scrubs go, I prefer a creamy texture versus those with the sugar and oil that separate, that way, I don't have to mix up the scrub each time I want to use it.  So, for my favorite creamy body scrub basic recipe you will need:

1 cup white or brown sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup Crisco (which is pretty much just hydrogenated vegetable oil and palm oil - you can substitute one or the other if you prefer)
1/4 cup olive oil (grape seed, sunflower, safflower, vegetable or any combination of these is also acceptable)

That's pretty much it for the base formula.  Simply mix them together until well blended and there you have it!  You can always add more or less of each ingredient to get a firmer or thinner consistency.  This recipe yields about 2 cups of scrub. 

I make a double batch and separate into jars then add different fragrance oils/EO's to have a variety of different scents.  For my personal use, I use simple deli containers to hold my scrubs - but you can dress them up to give as gifts.  There are tons of cute ideas on Pinterest for mother's day scrub gifts!

This recipe does not include preservative - so I wouldn't suggest keeping around for more than a month.  To help with shelf life, use a scoop or spoon to put scrub in your hand to avoid water getting into the jar.  Vitamin E or Grape Seed Extract ARE NOT preservatives and will not extend the shelf life of your scrub.  If you would like to add a preservative 4 or 5 drops of Liquid Germall Plus mixed in with the other ingredients can extend the shelf life for up to a year.

But wait, you say - what about the Citrus Lavender??!?!?!  Easy Peasy.  Simply add a few of drops of lavender essential oil and a drop or two of lemon, lime, orange and/or grapefruit essential oil and mix in well (Total drops of EO should be no more than 5).  Start with a few drops and mix well to test fragrance.  With essential oils, it will not take much to get a nice scent. I adore this blend it is very invigorating and great for the Spring and Summer.  If you have some dried lavender buds and/or dried citrus peel, add a bit to the scrub for extra exfoliation and they make it really pretty.

This simple recipe can be used as the basis for any fragrance of scrub with any additives you can think of (just remember if you're not using a preservative, do not add anything water based to the scrub).  Let your imagination go wild!  

What kind of scrub would you make?

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