June Soap of the Month from Petals Bath Boutique *GIVEAWAY WINNER*


Fresh citrus notes of sweet valencia orange and fuji apple slices with a hear of anjou pear and cassis on a base of guava nectar and mediterranean fig.

Hi Love Buds!

I can't stop sniffing this bar of soap!*  The June soap of the month from the Petals Bath Boutique soap of the month club is BUTTERFLY KISSES and it is just what I imagined kissing a butterfly would be like in my head.  It is a slightly tangy, fruity and sweet scent combination but it is not overpowering.  It's as if the scent was just lightly wafting through the air  ~ similar to the way a butterfly flies.  

The purple swirls and butterfly are gorgeous and since Kia and I share a love for both the butterflies and the color purple, this soap, which she created because her birthday is in June is just as near to my heart as it is here.

This bar is a whopping 6.7 ounces which is no small thing.  If you haven't already, you need to run to the Petals Bath Boutique website and purchase a three of six month Soap of the Month Club subscription.  The boxes ship the second week of the month, so you still have time to grab this one!

Petals Bath Boutique Soap of the Month Club shipments ship the second week of each month, so you still have time to receive June's amazing soap.  Click below to purchase yours now!  Shipping is included in the prices.  You can't beat the price, get each of these huge bars shipped directly to you (or a loved one) for as little as $7.50 each!

6 month subscription for $50                                             12 month subscription for $90

If you read my last post, you're highly aware that I am giving away the soap from the Petals May soap box.  And the winner is....


Congratulations Sherry!  Please send an e-mail to 4theloveofbubbles@gmail.com with your shipping address so I can send out your prize.

I'll be taking a couple of weeks off for family events, my final paper and a couple of workforce readiness presentations I must prepare and conduct.  When I return, I'll give you a full update on my foray into cold process soap making.  I should entitle it "The Hard-Headed Soaper", LOL!

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day and until next time~

Peace, Love & Loads of butterfly kissed Bubbles!


P.S. Don't forget the Petals Summer Release on Thursday, June 9th at 8:30pm EST

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*Soap reviewed in this post was provided to by Petals Bath Boutique in exchange for my honest feedback.
**Edited 5/30/16 7:25pm EST to include links to purchase Petals Bath Boutique Soap of the Month Club 

Feature Friday: Spicy Pinecone Gradient Tilted Tiger Stripe Soap


Cold Process Gradient Soap

Hello Love Buds!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that last weekend, I attempted to create a cold process soap.  The first for me in over six years.  I purchased items from a Brambleberry soap kit to make this cute and simple blueberry soap.

What I created was a seafoam green brick.  So I decided to up the anti and even though I haven't mastered this simple soap, I decided to do some research and attempt this gorgeously understated design shown by Sarah, owner of Spicy Pinecone.  Check out her sweet nothings soap in this video:

Sarah makes this look really simple and easy.  If I had more sense, I would just try to follow her video to create a simply gorgeous soap, but I will be trying a bit of a twist on this.  We shall see how it works out this weekend...

That's all for now!  Oh, don't forget the giveaway for a Petals Bath Boutique soap I'm doing, you still have time to enter.

Until next time ~
Peace, Love & Loads of actual soap, not green brick Bubbles!

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Feature Friday: Carrot Acai Round Soap

Happy Friday, Love Buds!

Today I'd like to feature a cool soap I saw being made on YouTube.

This amazing soap with a precise black mica line swirled through it was created by the awesome Teressa Mahoney of Nourishing Handmade Body Care, which is now Mahoney Limited.  This soap has such an interesting look and in this video, is created in less than six minutes!  Genius

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Until next time ~

Peace, Love of Lots of symmetrical bubbles!

Soap of the Month by Petals Bath Boutique


 Hey Love Buds!

What could be better than getting a box of sudsy awesomeness every few months after a Petals Bath Boutique release?  A box of sudsy awesomeness from Petals Bath Boutique EVERY MONTH!

I recently received my first month's shipment from the Petals Bath Boutique Soap of the Month club. Several of my favorite soap makers offer a similar service and I was ecstatic to learn that Kia decided to offer a monthly subscription for her amazing soap!  Kia in her ever amazing generosity sent me the May and June soaps of the month to share with you!  Of course you're about to hear my honest feedback on these soaps and this service and I was supplied with them in return for my honest feedback.

It has been rainy and ugly here for several weeks and my lawn, which I call "a field of clover", is of course looking lush and gorgeous, so I decided to venture outside on this first sunny day in what seems like forever to take this picture.  

Now, the 411 on the Petals Bath Boutique Soap of the Month program.  Each month, Kia prepares a special bar of soap just for club members.  These are not available for retail sale.  The subscriptions are available on the Petals website in 6 month and 12 month terms for $50.00 and $90.00 respectively.  Shipping is included in subscription price.

Let me tell you about the soap....
I have said on numerous occasions that Petals Bath Boutique soap is the best soap I have tried.  Kia's soap always leave my skin feeling great and the variety of scents that rotate keeps my soap junkie jones jonesing. 

For May, Kia brings some swirly, spring time fairy glitter to one of her old favorites, Bramble Patch.  

Bramble Patch ~ Juicy blackberries with a fruity center of cassis on a warm and sensual base of amber
This soap is gorgeous and HUGE.  In comparison to the usual bars from Petals that are around 4.5 ounces, this bar is 7 ounces!  I will be honest that I'm not a fan of resin scents.  The amber in this fragrance is just a bit too much for me, but the bar itself is some serious eye candy.  I'll tell you more about June soap later.  *hint: I won't be giving it away!
Because I don't want this bar to go to waste, I'll be doing a little giveaway.  Simply comment below (your comment must be on this blog post)  with a fragrance you would like to see in this soap of the month subscription service.  Oh, you must also be a fan of Petals Bath Boutique and 4 the Love of Bubbles on Facebook.  I will randomly select a winner on May 30th, when I review June's bar.

Good Luck! 

and until next time, Peace, Love and Lots of lovely pink glittery Bubbles!

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Second Chances: Sunshine & Rain

Good Morning LoveBuds,

I know, I was gone for a few months, and now posts two days in a row.  Sadly, I might be gone for a few weeks before the next post, but I will share as often as I am able!  The love of bubbles runs strong with us...I just can't stay away, LOL.

Today I want to share something I found quite interesting...

Sunshine & Rain Spring 2015
The Petals Bath Boutique Spring 2015 release premiered the scent "Sunshine & Rain".   The description of the scent grabbed me "An intriguingly fresh and sweet scent with fresh Lime and Raw Sugarcane with a heart of Hawaiian Hibiscus, Kona Sugarloaf and Blood Orange on a base of Vanilla Orchid". I grabbed two bars of it along with a matching custard and body shot spray.

When I tried the soap for the first time, I wasn't quite feeling the scent.  I'm not sure why at the moment, but for some reason I was never really prompted to use the soap again.  Of course it was not the lather or the feel, those are a constant with Petals Bath Boutique soaps and I am always enamored with the way my skin feels when using these soaps.  It was just something about the fragrances that was slightly off putting.

Sunshine & Rain Spring 2016
Fast forward to Spring 2016.  Kia remakes this bar and it is just as cute as last year's bar.  I was compelled to purchase again, even though I had a bar from last year still in my stash.  Why?  Because I am an addict.  It was cute and it was calling my name.  

When my order arrived, I smelled the bar in the new Petals Bath Boutique boxes with the cut outs.  It smelled amazing fresh and sweet.  I smelled it again and the "meh" I felt about this scent last year turned into "I must use it now!".  Sometimes things happen with fragrance oil suppliers and scents change a bit - I wondered if that was it.  But when things like that happen, Kia is quick to let us know.  To ensure that it was not a change in the scent, I took my bar from last year out and used it last week.

First let me tell you that whenever you allow a handmade soap to sit and cure for about a year, the performance of the soap levels up by 1000.  You get crazy stupid bubbles and the conditioning affect on your skin is incredible.  I really try now to hold on to my bars for a couple of months after purchasing to use them.  The difference is shocking.

Now, back to Sunshine & Rain.  I was intoxicated.  This same bar that I could care less about last year, was now the most amazing shower experience.  I am in love with this scent now.  I just can't understand why I wasn't crazy about it last year.  Next I'm going to have to give Purple Rain another try because...Prince :(

Have you ever given a product a second chance after it let you down the first time?  I used to be a one and done junkie, but now, I think I'm going to give my stuff a second opportunity to wow me.

Until next time ~
Peace, Love & Lots of Second Chance to wow you Bubbles!

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*all images appear courtesy of Petals Bath Boutique

#MashupMonday April Showers

I know I've been away for awhile, my master's degree coursework is taking up quite a bit more of my time than I thought it would, very different from undergrad.  But I am still appreciating the awesomeness of the bath and body world.  

So, I thought I'd share with you a small post I put on Facebook, which happened to be a bit of a #mashupmonday.  So enjoy, for those who did not see it on Facebook.  I've got a little something else for you today as well...  See the Facebook post here

This Saturday, April 9th was a dreary, rainy, cold day. IT'S APRIL, I need some sun or at least weather above 60 degrees ~ sheesh! So as I prepared to go out and be slapped in the face by mother nature's not at all funny joke of an April weekend, I decided to change up my shower game. Instead of something sweet or earthy, I decided to pull out this box of beautiful rustic soaps by Sunlit Soap. Jan really does make awesome works of art over there. Her soap is so beautiful, it is hard to use. But when you use it, it is hard not to want more!
So I pull out the Mint Tea Mud and commence to latherization (I don't care what that red underline says, it is a word!). First, let me say that these soaps are bigger in person and the shape fits comfortably in your hand as you use the flat bottom to lather. The lather is amazing and the minty goodness was just the tingle I needed to face the nasty day. (Beware, this minty tingle is not advised for your sensitive area).
I then paired it with the lavender citrus infused oil gelee** that I made myself. The thick oil, smoothed on easily and helped to lock moisture in all day and the light citrus lavender minty essence was an amazing combination!

So I guess I just wrote up a quick ‪#‎MashupMonday‬ post, lol. What can I say, I do it ‪#‎4theloveofbubbles‬

*all images appear courtesy of Sunlit Soap  

**What is this oil gelee that I speak of?  It is a thickened body oil I made to use and a hair and body moisture sealant.  As requested by some in a group on Facebook, I made some available for purchase.  To learn more, look for the sale post in the Handmade Soap & Beauty Lovers Shop & Swap Facebook group (you must be a member to see the post).

Until next time, Lovebuds
Peace, Love & Loads of awesome bubbles!