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Zen is the word that comes to mind when I think about Unearth Malee.  From the look of the website to the aroma that wafts out of my package when I receive it, it all feels like peace and serenity.

I was drawn to the Unearth Malee Etsy Shop by the unique simplicity of the product packaging. I am a strong believer in the power of packaging as advertising.  I believe in this, because it personally draws me in.  When I see a uniquely packaged bath and body product, I instantly want to know more about it.

Marie, the proprietor of Unearth Malee, grew up in a Thai-American household and through her experiences with Asian culture and cuisine at home, she developed this ethereal line of products including candles, soap, body moisturizers and lip balms.  Using a name her family passed down for generations, Malee - which in Thai is the name of a jasmine flower, Unearth Malee using natural organic and Eco-friendly ingredients to create it's delicate, aromatic offerings.

This principle of naturalness and earth-friendliness echos throughout the line.  Unearth Malee's soaps contain no palm oil because of the adverse impact increased palm harvesting has on the forests of Malaysia, especially the habitats of orangutans.  The packaging for their soap is made from seeded paper that can be planted to grow wildflower even the lip balms and deodorants are packaged in eco-friendly tubes.

The soap arrived wrapped in paper and sealed with this cute sticker

A generous amount of samples is always good in my book

I received a set of 6 soaps (Thai Lime Rosemary & Japanese Citrus Chamomile will be awarded to readers in the giveaway.  I also received Dragon Fruit Green Tea, Bali Flowers, Lavender Lotus Blossom and Papaya Ginger Lemongrass, which I used to develop this review) along with the cocoa butter lip balm.  I was impressed with the care and packaging of the soap when I received it.  (Again, forgive my pictures).  

The whole set

Because of the lack of any artificial fragrances, I felt like Bali Flowers and Dragon Fruit Green Tea had a very subtle fragrance, however the ones containing Lavender Lotus Blossom and Papaya Ginger Lemongrass were nicely herbal in fragrance and exhilarating in the shower!

Of note, I did find these bars to not have the exuberant lather of other soaps I have used and they were on the soft side in relation to other cold process soaps.  I am sure this is due to the lack of palm oil and it is not a bad thing, especially if you want to incorporate all natural, vegan products in your routine and lessen your footprint in regards to palm oil consumption.  The soaps produced enough lather for me to feel clean after using them and I will happily add these into my rotation for times when I want to cleanse my soap palette.

Initially, I was concerned that the lip balm container being totally from paper, would not stand up to my daily routine of using it, dropping it in my purse, leaving it in the car, sticking in my pocket, etc., etc.  However, it did stand up to my routine and the lip balm itself was moisturizing. For those sweet addicts, this is not the balm for you as it does not have any flavor added, but it works well and is a great choice for a light lip moisturizer. 

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