Giveaway: Social Media Fan Appreciation


Thank you all for being a part of my love of bubbles journey!  Since starting a few months ago, over 1000 of you have decided to keep up with me and my adventures.  I truly appreciate all of your support.  

To celebrate this first 1000 social media fans and every thousand more, I will host a giveaway. For the first, I really need your help with growing the YouTube audience.  Currently, I am still fighting this horrible cold and my voice is awful, but I would like your support for the channel.

Prizes include a 10 bar soap bundle, an Amazon gift card and the choice of one bar of soap from any US soap maker! 
There are numerous ways to, but first you have to be a subscriber to my youtube channel.  For that you get 20 entries!

Please enter and share!
Social Media Fan Appreciation Giveaway

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