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 Many of us are looking to simplify our lives.  To pursue happiness and fulfillment without harming ourselves or the environment is a goal many now aspire to achieve.  The first steps along this journey may be laborious, but soon, you look again and you're miles away from where you began.  

Enter Mandelin Naturals.  This small soap boutique creates handmade natural soaps with nothing artificial.  Pure, Natural Soap.  I received a complimentary package of soaps to sample from Mandy, the owner, so that I could share my honest review.

 Mandy was like many, very quickly going from a careless existence to one of doing small things to make a big impact on her lifestyle and environmental impact.  As a new wife and mother, in her quest to use more natural products, Mandy began making soap.  Very soon, like other soap makers, she was sharing it with family and friends and was inspired to share it now with the world.

From Mandy, I received a bar of Peppermint Sunrise, Outstanding Orange Castile, and Charming Charcoal Eucalyptus Soap.  Definitely loving the names!

The Peppermint Sunrise soap was uplifting to use.  It lathered really nicely and cleaned very well.  Evident during my shower was the tingly, peppermint essential oil that opened my sinuses and was cooling and refreshing to my skin.  It was a great soap to for a dreary morning.  The labeling says that it also features lemon essential oil, but the citrus notes were very faint.

I decided to try the Cleansing Charcoal Eucalyptus soap on my face.  It was amazing!  As with the Peppermint Sunrise soap, it lathered well and left my face feeling clean and soft.  The eucalyptus essential oil help clean out my pores, leaving my skin tingling!

I haven't used an all olive oil castile soap before.  Minimally, all of the castile soaps I have used included some coconut oil to help with lather and cleansing properties, but in reality, those were not true castile soap.  True castile soap uses only olive oil, lye and water. 

Mandelin Natural's Outstanding Orange Castile soap was definitely a different experience for me.  There was very little lather.  Really, it was more of a foam and the bar had an overly slick feel.  The orange fragrance was not evident at all and I just didn't get the same feeling of being clean after using this.  100% castile soap is definitely an acquired taste and for some with extremely sensitive skin, this is the best and only way to bathe.

Mandelin Naturals' soap bars come in small (1.5 to 2 oz) and large (3.5 to 5 oz) bars for around $3.50 to $6.50, this runs just above average in my eyes for handmade soap.  They also offer an assortment of bath and body products for women, men and babies.  

Have you used castile soap?  Tell me how you liked it!  I really love using the minty soaps, how about you?

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