Recipe: Homemade Lavender Coconut Oil Salt Scrub

Love Buds!

I previously gave you my recipe for a homemade sugar scrub that I make all the time.  Recently, I have really begun to enjoy salt scrubs too.  Looking around I found this amazing salt scrub featuring coconut oil (have I said that coconut oil is good for EVERYTHING?), lavender oil (one of my favorite natural scents) and ordinary epsom salt.

While sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating skin to reveal healthy, glowing skin, salt scrubs do the same thing with the added bonus of helping to draw out toxins and providing some additional nutrients to skin like magnesium

Click on the picture below to get the details on this quick and simple recipe by One Good Thing by Jillee 

Try adding some Pink Himalayan Rock Salt for color and additional nutrients.  I wonder how a black salt would work in this?

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