Review: Scent Bird

Due to some technical difficulties, #mashupmonday didn't happen this week, but look for it next week.  But I'm excited to share something else with you!

As you are aware, my motto is "variety is the spice of life".  I love trying new things and having a large selection of body treats from which to choose.

One thing that I have a hard time doing is creating a wardrobe of perfumes.  First, its hard to try to select a complex fragrance blend based on a scent description alone.  Even if you are able to select something online, you never know how that fragrance will work with your body chemistry.  For me, it even goes a little further.  I have found several scents that I liked in a store, tried it on and loved and purchased only to realize that wearing it all day gave me  headache.  With quality perfumes/colognes going for over $50 for a half ounce, this just hasn't been a risk I've been willing to take.

Scentbird offers an great subscription service where each month you receive a quarter ounce spritzer of one of their hundreds of designer fragrances for just $14.95 each month!
The fragrance come packaged in one of these cute purse/pocket sizes misters protected by a black velvet drawstring bag.  The best thing about this service is that you get to select the fragrances that are shipped to you!  If you're not sure which to select, you will receive the featured fragrance of the month.  

Here you can see what I've received and what I have coming up.  Each member has full access to the website and can choose any number of fragrances to add to your queue.  You can even move around the order and if you want, you can get more than one vial of a fragrance shipped to you.  You can also upgrade to receive 2 or 3 vials per month (for an additional cost).

The subscription indicates that you receive the fragrance vial each month and with your first month's shipment you receive a black carry canister that you can slip your vial down in.  The vial then twists up so that you can spray the fragrance.  Scentbird offers specials on different colored canisters as well.  The first one I received was red.  I then purchased the violet (because I love purple), but then my second shipment came with the black one.  I am not sure if now you receive a new canister each month or if I just lucked up and received an extra one - I'll keep you posted.

With all of these great ways to enjoy this service, great price, cute containers, the ability to choose what I receive each month, I feel the best thing about Scentbird is the way they visually display a description of each fragrance.

If you hover over the pictures, it will reveal the name of the fragrance note depicted.  It even breaks down the scent by type, personality, occasion and season.  With this guide, I have chosen numerous fragrances to try and I'm happy to report the first two that I have received were awesome!  I can't wait for my next shipment to arrive.

What are your favorite perfume/cologne scents?  I'm loving these light, fruity, aquatic scents but I'm building up the courage to try something a little more sultry...

Until next time Love Buds ~

Peace, Love & Loads of sensationally scented bubbles!




  1. I absolutely love this! A different smell good every month? Yes please! I got Bvulgari for November!

  2. How do you get extra vials? I've been trying to figure out if you can or not... love this service! I am getting YSL Black opium this month:-)

    1. It seems the extra one I received free was a fluke. You can purchase extra ones from I think they are $12.95 each.