Feature Friday: Spicy Pinecone Gradient Tilted Tiger Stripe Soap


Cold Process Gradient Soap

Hello Love Buds!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that last weekend, I attempted to create a cold process soap.  The first for me in over six years.  I purchased items from a Brambleberry soap kit to make this cute and simple blueberry soap.

What I created was a seafoam green brick.  So I decided to up the anti and even though I haven't mastered this simple soap, I decided to do some research and attempt this gorgeously understated design shown by Sarah, owner of Spicy Pinecone.  Check out her sweet nothings soap in this video:

Sarah makes this look really simple and easy.  If I had more sense, I would just try to follow her video to create a simply gorgeous soap, but I will be trying a bit of a twist on this.  We shall see how it works out this weekend...

That's all for now!  Oh, don't forget the giveaway for a Petals Bath Boutique soap I'm doing, you still have time to enter.

Until next time ~
Peace, Love & Loads of actual soap, not green brick Bubbles!

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