Second Chances: Sunshine & Rain

Good Morning LoveBuds,

I know, I was gone for a few months, and now posts two days in a row.  Sadly, I might be gone for a few weeks before the next post, but I will share as often as I am able!  The love of bubbles runs strong with us...I just can't stay away, LOL.

Today I want to share something I found quite interesting...

Sunshine & Rain Spring 2015
The Petals Bath Boutique Spring 2015 release premiered the scent "Sunshine & Rain".   The description of the scent grabbed me "An intriguingly fresh and sweet scent with fresh Lime and Raw Sugarcane with a heart of Hawaiian Hibiscus, Kona Sugarloaf and Blood Orange on a base of Vanilla Orchid". I grabbed two bars of it along with a matching custard and body shot spray.

When I tried the soap for the first time, I wasn't quite feeling the scent.  I'm not sure why at the moment, but for some reason I was never really prompted to use the soap again.  Of course it was not the lather or the feel, those are a constant with Petals Bath Boutique soaps and I am always enamored with the way my skin feels when using these soaps.  It was just something about the fragrances that was slightly off putting.

Sunshine & Rain Spring 2016
Fast forward to Spring 2016.  Kia remakes this bar and it is just as cute as last year's bar.  I was compelled to purchase again, even though I had a bar from last year still in my stash.  Why?  Because I am an addict.  It was cute and it was calling my name.  

When my order arrived, I smelled the bar in the new Petals Bath Boutique boxes with the cut outs.  It smelled amazing fresh and sweet.  I smelled it again and the "meh" I felt about this scent last year turned into "I must use it now!".  Sometimes things happen with fragrance oil suppliers and scents change a bit - I wondered if that was it.  But when things like that happen, Kia is quick to let us know.  To ensure that it was not a change in the scent, I took my bar from last year out and used it last week.

First let me tell you that whenever you allow a handmade soap to sit and cure for about a year, the performance of the soap levels up by 1000.  You get crazy stupid bubbles and the conditioning affect on your skin is incredible.  I really try now to hold on to my bars for a couple of months after purchasing to use them.  The difference is shocking.

Now, back to Sunshine & Rain.  I was intoxicated.  This same bar that I could care less about last year, was now the most amazing shower experience.  I am in love with this scent now.  I just can't understand why I wasn't crazy about it last year.  Next I'm going to have to give Purple Rain another try because...Prince :(

Have you ever given a product a second chance after it let you down the first time?  I used to be a one and done junkie, but now, I think I'm going to give my stuff a second opportunity to wow me.

Until next time ~
Peace, Love & Lots of Second Chance to wow you Bubbles!

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