Pink Sands OH MY!

This weekend I traveled to Richmond, Virginia with the hubby who was performing and doing a bit of a media blitz while there.  This trip wasn't all about me (as the majority of our trips tend to be.) Which was cool, I didn't mind being in the background, because I got to groove to tons of my favorite music from the 80's & 90's in the new(er) car that has an aux cord jack! (Yes, I have been deprived of this simple ingenious piece of gadgetry until recently, lol).

But what made my trip just as pleasant and singing along - horribly, to songs like "Spread my Wings", "If It Isn't Love" and "I'm So Into You" was this simple little purchase I made on the way.

For no particular reason other than to smell it, I purchased this cute little Pink Sands scented car freshener by Yankee Candle.  The scent is described as "an exotic island escape with the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla".  The little scratch and sniff sticker on all of these in the store was worn off, but it just looked like it smelled delightful.  AND IT DOES!!! It is sweet yet tart fragrance that is made ethereal by the delight floral accords it contains.  Barely noticeable is the vanilla, but that may serve to round out and ground this soaring fragrance.  At regular intervals during our trip I would say to my hubby "this smells awesome!".  So taken with this scent, once we arrived at our hotel, I immediately purchased a few more from Amazon! 

I absolutely need to have this in a handmade soap, body butter or oil and a fragrance oil/mist to compliment it.  Please tell me you or you know of someone who is making bath and body goodies with this fragrance oil or a spot on duplicate.  I need it ASAP!!!!

Peace, Love & Loads of Bubbles,


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