Feature Friday: Chocolate Soap by Soaping 101

(reposting, something went screwy with my last few posts.  Just in case you missed my Ginger Dextox Scrub bar post, you can find it here)

Hey Love Buds!

Today's Friday and it's time for another feature video.  This week's tidbit is from Soaping 101.

The soap created in this video is made from chocolate!  Yes, real chocolate, chocolate soap.  I...I just don't need to say anything more because - chocolate.  Check it out:

Now what could be better than bathing in actual chocolate?  I know it will take a minute to respond to that.

What other foods do you like in your soap?  I really want to know, especially now that I am making soap.  Speaking of, today will be awesome because I will receive #bubblelove packages from Petals Bath Boutique, Alamo Candeleria and I think one other soapmaker, plus I'll be binging on "Orange is the New Black".  But this weekend, I'll be making more soap and working on my July DIY challenge project.  AND next week, I'll have an update for you on my soaping adventures.  Great things will be happening this weekend.  Stay tuned for what's coming!

Peace, Love & Loads of chocolately good BUBBLES!


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