Review: Three Scrubs in the tub



I know I tend to focus mainly on soap in my reviews, but I cannot underestimate the importance of good exfoliation.  Without occasional exfoliation, dead skin cells, that cannot absorb moisture or nutrients, meaning you can't change their condition, would remain on the top layer of your skin.  Exfoliating exposes young, healthy skin that can benefit from the application of all of your valuable skin care treats.

Everyone's skin is different, so how often you exfoliate depends on your particular skin.  Mine is easily irritated by abrasives so I usually only exfoliate once a week or so.  Don't over do it.  You don't want to hurt when you exfolitate - you should only "tingle" :)
 Just happened to have these three scrubs sitting on the edge of my tub and it gave me inspiration to tell you a little more about them!  I will say that I prefer a scrub that is emulsified or creamed.  These scrubs have the oil portion thickened or whipped in a way that the oils do not separate readily from the sugar/salt.  When using these, I don't feel like I have to constantly mix them to keep all of the ingredients together or that I am wasting the oil that pools away from the sugar and or salt. Foaming Sugar Scrub by Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium 

This sugar scrub had an amazing citrus scent.  I loved the sunny aroma of it. This is a foaming scrub, so it has some "soap" in the mix to make it lather up.  I was hoping for more of a bubbly lather with this and it really just foamed up a bit.  However the sugar scrub was a great consistency and felt great when applied and mixed with a small amount of water.  It rinsed away clean and left me smelling fresh and fruity! It is available in four sizes running from 2 ounces to 16 ounces with pricing from $4.50 to $32.00.! 
MANGO HIBISCUS Exfoliating Salt Scrub by Black Tie Market & Apothecary 

I'm not sure if this is still available from Black Tie & Market and what a shame if it isn't. 
This salt scrub is a powerhouse of awesome deliciousness!  It is creamy and rich and glides on great. The fragrance is tropical experience no one should miss.  I truly enjoyed using this.  I purchased a 5 oz jar for $9.50 from their Etsy store last March and have used it only a couple of times because it looks like I won't be able to purchase more. <sad face> ME ALL OVER by Butterflies Soaps   

I found this little gem on Etsy, when I was looking for a soap of this particular fragrance.  I thought about getting some when remembering one of the many times in my young teens when my friends and I would venture to the local mall and purchase body oils from the vendor at the kiosk.  We would giggle at some of the names we found: "Sex on the beach", "Eat Me Raw",  and one of my favorites "Lick Me All Over".  Searching Etsy for the fragrance by name, I came across this small boutique and not only did they have the soap, but accompanying body butter and sugar scrub.
I really enjoyed this scrub.  It felt great, exfoliated well and was nicely scented with a fragrance very similar to the one I remember from my youth. It was $5.00 for 2 ounces and a 4 ounce version is also available.

Do you exfoliate?  How often and what is your favorite product to use?

Peace, Love & Lots of Bubbles!


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