Is Your Puss being Properly Pampered?

 Is Your Puss Being Properly Pampered?
 Love Buds,

Being a woman isn't easy.  Seems like everyone wants to give you advice on how to breastfeed, how to do your hair, what not to wear, how to loss weight and of course how to care for your vag.

You will notice that I am not a person who writes or gives directives on how to do what you do.  I believe as adults we have earned the right to do with our bodies as we please.  So what I am sharing with you today is based on my own research and understanding and in no way should be taken as medical advice.  Please consult your physician with questions regarding your health, wellness and care.

What should be common knowledge is that everyone's body chemistry is different and all properly functioning vaginas can be likened to a self cleaning oven with its own unique characteristics just like each person is unique unto themselves.  Vaginas are not supposed to smell like a fresh summer's eve or chocolate covered cherries.  That is not NATURAL.  Please do not try to change the biochemistry of your vagina by douching it or dousing it in perfumes or body sprays.  

The vagina is a cave of wonderment! This warm, damp and sensual location is protected by loads of good bacteria and high acidity.  This dynamic duo are like crime stoppers in Gotham City ensuring that harmful bacteria don't get a chance to wreck havoc up in there.  When you douche or spray harmful disinfectants (yes, Lysol used to recommended for feminine hygiene.  Seriously, I can make this stuff up) up there, you remove these two factors, making you more susceptible to infection.

That's the basic science.  Now for my opinion - take with as you wish...

Many "experts" (and I use the term loosely, but I need to include actual experts too) say that all that you really need to clean your box is warm water.  Now first let me give a little clarity (ok, a little more science) - the vagina itself is an internal organ, so when I speak of your vagina I am speaking of the birth canal itself.  Outside of this are your labia minora and majora (lips) and then your pubic area is that area below the abdomen.  So to be clear, I do not recommend putting any cleansers, douches, sprays into the vaginal canal.  But for me, just warm water for my pubic area and labia is not enough to feel fresh.  I personally sweat just a bit too much in that area.
My choice is for external cleansing is a mild handmade soap.  Commercial soaps contain detergents and some even have propylene glycol, which is an irritant to my skin in general.  

As a handmade soap lover and advocate, I would be remiss in not stating here that there are many handmade and natural soaps made specifically for your personal space. These soap offer chemical free cleansing for your external areas.  Most of these include pH adjusters such as vinegar, yogurt or clays to help "maintain proper feminine pH" and absorb odors.  

Personally, I do not see much of a difference when washing with my favorite handmade soap versus one specifically designed for feminine cleansing. Proper pH is necessary for the vagina to maintain a healthy environment, but your external parts are skin and in my opinion, does not need the pH adjusted.  DO NOT SHOOT ME!  Many women swear by these specifically formulated soaps. If it works for you, then continue.  If you're not satisfied, don't be afraid to try something new.  That's all I'm saying.  Be Happy, just don't destroy your vagina in the process, LOL.

A couple of facts that I did find in my research:

1. If your partner is concerned about taste, try virgin coconut oil (coconut oil is great for everything!!!!), it has a sweet taste and coconutty aroma. 

2. Though many people wax or shave their pubic hair for a host of reasons, some experts say that it is not a good idea to go completely bald down there.  Pubic hair, through the process of evolution, is intended to protect that sensitive area from the elements.  It helps cushion that area from rubbing against your undergarments or jeans which can cause irritation.  Also, shaving or waxing can leave micro tears in the skin, making it more susceptible to infection.  You might be better off just keeping the hedges trimmed.
3. Just because something is labeled as a feminine hygiene product, does not mean it is good to use it.  Do your research and always check the ingredients!  I found some feminine cleansers on Amazon that include irritating and possibly harmful ingredients like tea tree oil (irritant) and triclosan (anti-bacterial ~ kills off the good bacteria).

I cannot stress enough, if you have concerns, please consult a physician. 

NOW for the challenge!  I throw down the gauntlet to some of you brave souls who are willing to share your experiences.  Comment Below with what you use, any personal tips or funny stories you have about feminine cleansing.  Please, no names other than your own. I would love to hear your thoughts on a couple of handmade feminine cleansing soaps.  I will choose 4 great stories and they will each receive one of the following feminine cleansing product sets to use and review:  

YOU MUST COMMENT BELOW TO ENTER!  Winners will be selected on December 9, 2015.  You must be able to answer 4 questions regarding each product after using within 30 days of receipt.

Wait, but what about vaginal steaming??!?!?  That's a topic for another post...

Can't wait to hear your stories!

Until next time Love Buds ~

Peace, Love & Loads of Bubbles!



  1. I don't have any funny stories. I do have tips. The vagina is self cleansing but our diet does affect it. Cut out the sugary drinks, sugary sweets, unhealthy snacks, and processed foods. Drink lots of water and add a few lemon slices. Drink a glass of warm lemon water daily. The mainfocus should be on taking care of yourself internally for a healthy vagina.

    1. Very true. Diet plays a huge part in maintaining healthy functioning.

  2. What a great informative, interesting and amusing blog. You have a new fan

  3. I'm afraid of soaps down there but am open to trying something light that might work.

    1. I completely understand. Great to see you're willing to try something new!

  4. I do t have a funny story but I could not agree more with your post. I also agree what you eat plays a huge role and I drink a ton of lemon water. It's a natura detox for your whole body. I have just recently heard of vagina steaming. I just can't imagine but I look forward to your post son that subject as well.

  5. I did too. I'm going to give it a try a couple of times before posting. Wish me luck!

  6. Well that was a great post! I use my usual handmade soap down there. As you said, I didn't notice a difference between using that and soaps made specifically for down there.

    I also feel like our body adjusts to our products and routines and switching things up can potentially cause problems.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sherece. I'm all for changing things up, but you have to know what you can tolerate and sometimes you can do more harm than good so you need all the information you can find!

  7. My funny story... My friend told me the story of her dear family friend who had a thing about being clean down there. She was constantly "freshening up" even when out and about. Well they were visiting a friend in the hospital and this lady went to freshen up. When she came out she kept squirming in her chair. When she finally could not take it anymore, she jumped up exclaiming "It burns! Oh! Oh! It burns!" She had used the powdered hand soap from back in the day DOWN THERE! My friend said she was miserable!