Company Profile & Review: Soapy Water
Your Body's Clean Slate

In the beginning, there was disbelief.  Shannan happened upon an Ebay listing for natural HOMEMADE soap and she laughed.  Shannan was sure that soap could not be made at home, normal everyday people should not be handling Sodium Hydroxide (lye). Though she laughed, she was intrigued.  Shannan decided to get more information.  Through the assistance of that ebay lister, research, classes and lots of trial and error, Shannan began to make soap...and Lil Soapy was born.

Lil Soapy has been making soap for about 15 years and her business has undergone several name changes - "What's that smell?" & "Smell it like it is" are just a couple.  Now, she has settled with Soapy Water.  She makes a line of cold process soaps and body butters that are made with natural ingredients and smell awesome.
My quote from Lil Soapy
With her business, Lil Soapy promotes her idea of fresh starts, new beginnings and clean slates. This theme is evident in her soap packaging - each shipment contains an motivational quote relating to starting anew.  She also contributes to a charity in her area that provides business attire for youth, who in her words~

"... took a wrong turn in life. That’s ok. We all make mistakes. Through this program they are working on getting back on the right path. The teens in this program are going to job interviews, hearings, graduations etc. They are in need of professional attire. Not only to look their best but to raise their confidence level."

I applaud Lil Soapy for using her business assist these teens.  For a small boutique business owner, the resources can be slim and supporting some causes may not fit well with customers.  However having the courage to support a cause you believe in publicly and through your business is a courageous and awesome act.  By no means is Soapy Water the only business I have come across that incorporates its social consciousness into its business model, but any business I come across that does so, I feel should be applauded.


What about the soap, you say?  To be short and sweet, I love it.  For a more detailed breakdown...

Soapy Water uses a consistent base formula for its soap.  It is full of those good ingredients, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil - things that make a good old fashioned firm bar of soap that lathers well, rinses clean and doesn't strip the moisture from your skin.  It is beautifully colored, but with no frills.  

I will say that my interest can be piqued by an exotic oil or butter in my soap bar and I find those that contain a little clay or silk tend to have a much "slippery" feel to them.  However, good handmade soap is still good handmade soap and those added extras won't make a crappy soap recipe much better.  Soapy water soap bars are great the way they are.

Lil Soapy's bars are a nice size at around 4.5 ounces each and at $7.00 each, they are a decent value.

I received Citrus Burst and Sanctuary fragrances.  Citrus Burst is a lively citrusy, bubbly fragrance similar to "Energy" from Brambleberry.  After bathing with it, I used a body butter I made with "Energy" fragrance and it complimented the fragrance of the soap rather nicely.  I chose the Sanctuary scent because I wanted something outside the "fruity" realm - which I really love, but I love other earthy scents as well.  However, upon receipt, I found it to have a deeper amber smell that I expected, which is not quite for me.  My son, however, quickly usurped the bar.

Overall, this is a company I highly recommend. Have you tried Soapy Water Soap?  If so, let me know about your experience.

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