Musings: My Soap Dish

In her group for soap enthusiasts, a friend asked us to share a picture of our soap dish.  Initially, I was hesitant because this friend, loves to see a list when you post your soap haul, of all the scents in the picture.  I looked at my soap dish for a couple of days.  This list was going to take awhile...

A few things about me:
  1. I LOVE variety! (I say that a lot...but only because its true).  I cannot open a bar of soap and use it until it is done.  I use a different bar of soap each day, never repeating the use of the same bar on consecutive days.  I can honestly say that I may easily go a month or more before using a bar for the second time, unless I am doing a review of a new soap.  Then I use it 2 to 3 time consecutively to truly get a feel for it before writing a review,
  2. Because of this love of variety, I handle my soap a little differently than some.  I store all of my wrapped bars in three drawer storage containers (yes, plural).  When I open a new bar, I usually (unless it is really small) cut it in half.  I store one half in a glassine wax bag in the storage container and the other, after using, goes on my soap rack in the bathroom.  

This is my soap dish
Looking at this, it was hard to conceive a way to label each one of these beauties currently in my shower rotation.  However, after working at it for a couple of day, I came up with this:
 So here it is, my soap junkiness in all of its splendor.  This does not include uncut bars of which I have over 30 other varieties that are not even represented on this rack. I've heard some people say that their soap looses its scent rather quickly.  Storing my bars the way I do, 99% of my soap keep their scent for 2 years or more.  The Pear Tarlet soap on this rack hasn't been produced for over two years from Cream & Coco and is smells just as amazing as it did when I received it.  Sigh... this is probably the last bar on the planet of that great smelling soap.  Vic, if you're reading this - you really should make a batch of this.  I can wait until you return from maternity leave, lol!

What does your soap stash look like?  How do you store your soap?


  1. I can only imagine how wonderful your bathroom smells!!!

    1. It does smell great. Sometimes I just go in there and sit, its great aromatherapy!