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As I travel down a long winding path, my nostrils fill with the heady jasmine and honeysuckle scented, damp, autumn air.  I skip along through the rolling mist as my game of tag ensues with the colorfully glowing sprites who light my way.  Under the cloudless night sky dotted with stars and anchored by a brilliant full moon, a sultry dragon flaps its wing as it flies overhead - first darkening the sky with its heavy presence, then quickly filling it with hot orange, yellows and reds with its breath of fire.  Our impromptu game of tag is joined by garden nymphs and playful fairies.  As I follow the gravel trail around the final bend, I see the gypsy's opulent trailer which is surrounded by a luminous glow from an unidentifiable source.  At first I am hesitant... The trailer is so beautiful, but ominous. I tiptoe closer and the door opens, fragrant air engulfs me, laden with ripe juicy fruits, warm spices and mystical aromas.  Her shadow proceeds her majestic presence and then she appears in the doorway.  Stretching out her manicured and adorned hand to me - with a wink and oh so welcoming smile, she guides me into her chamber where a glorious array of bath treats await...

This is how I feel every time I make a purchase from Alchemic Muse. I am unsure if this is the imagery Karen, the owner, wants to evoke, or if I just made it up in my mind, but her branding and labels always remind me of the gypsy fortune teller trailers of folklore - fully of mystery and mystical treasures.

Alchemic Muse opened up its doors on Etsy in 2008 and in the approximately seven years since then, can proudly boast (but never does) having over 17,000 sales.  Fans can now visit either the Etsy store or on Alchemic Muse's website to indulge themselves in the seasonally varying scented potions, lotions and concoctions offered.  From natural ingredients and coloring agents, Alchemic Muse creates cold process soap, body oils, body creams, cream soaps and perfumes in unique and intoxicating fragrance combinations.  Reading the artfully penned fragrance descriptions is an adventure all of its own.

 I have numerous favorites from this company including the body whips, cold process soaps and body gloss. My skin tends to be irritated by high levels of propylene glycol.  It can be used as an humectant (an agent that helps draw moisture into your skin and retain it) as well as an ingredient in preservatives.  As a preservative ingredient, the level of propylene glycol in a product is minimal and those I tend to be able to tolerate.  However, if used as a humectant, the levels of it in a product will actually cause me irritation.  This rules out a lot of commercial products and thus my extensive use of handmade body products.
photo credit: Alchemic Muse
One handmade product that tends to have high levels of propylene glycol are whipped soaps. Many, but not all handmade products makers tend to use a commercially prepared base for these, which in most cases use propylene glycol as a humectant. This being the case, I always shy away from them. Alchemic Muse changed that for me.

As you may be aware from following my blog and social media, I am a fragrance junkie.  Alchemic Muse only makes cold process soap for their general catalog of items - scents that are offered all year long.  Any of the seasonal scents only come in the cream soaps.  Absolutely loving the Peach Bellini scent, Karen forced compelled me to try their cream soap so that I could have a cleanser and a moisturizer in this fragrance.   Alchemic Muse's cream soap formula is gentle and cleansing and most importantly, non-irritating to my skin.  It does not lather like bar soap, but it is definitely a great alternative, especially when a bar is not available in a specific scent.

For my scent junkie jones, I love their Peach Bellini & Beguile (valentine's day collection),  Pomona (spring collection), Carnival, Mystique, Razzouli & Tropicana (general collection).
Reasonably priced (a 4.5 to 5.5 oz cold process bar is $6.50, 6 oz body whips are $10), high quality items with exotic fragrance offerings make Alchemic Muse an absolute must try for any fan of handmade bath and body products!

Have you tried Alchemic Muse?  What items do you love or are thinking about trying?  Have a recent product haul from them?  Post them on Facebook and tag me, 4 the love of bubbles and I'll share it with the world.  On Instagram, tag me and/or use the hastag #bubblelove and I'll share it as well! 

Peace, Love & Dragonfly wing breezes, LoveBuds!

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