Exxxxcuuusseee BAMI!

Earlier this year when I visited the Laurel Main Street Festival, I was introduced to BAMI products.  This small bath and body product company is truly all about family.  This budding company makes some great handmade items for your skin and I am happy to spread the word!
BAMI was started by Ms. Bernadette.  After experiencing issues with dry, irritated and sensitive skin as the result of some medical issues, she researched and began making her own bath and body products.  Soon, like most cottage businesses, she was making it for family and friends and then it took off from there.
Truly about family, BAMI is an acronym for Ms. Bernadette's name and the names of her three children (A)lisha (M)arvin & (I)niko  (hopefully, I spelled those correctly).  Each of the children help in some way in the ongoing operations of the company.

I was taken aback by the shear size of these bars.  Each soap weighs in at 7.5 to 8.5 ounces!  For $10 each, which is marked down on their website to $7.00, the price is outstanding.  The sandalwood scent is intoxicatingly  (yes, I made up a word for it) rich.  A smell of true sandalwood in dense, firm bar.  The razzleberry is a fun an fruity scent with added raspberry seeds for exfoliation.  For my sensitive skin, I found the seeds to be a little too much, though I really love the scent.  The level of exfoliation is similar to Lush's Figs & Leaves soap - which is a bit too much for regular use for me.  But also like Figs & Leaves, I love the scent and will use it occasionally. 
The BAMI fragrance is a custom blended scent created by Bernadette herself.  I fell in love with it as soon as I smelled it.  It is a very soft, feminine musk scent with a powdery finish and ever so light floral undertones.  An absolute must try scent.  I also picked up the BAMI scented body butter.  Now this butter is a thick, shea butter based butter.  A little goes a long way and definitely use after you've added some moisture to your skin to seal it in and leave you smelling fabulous!
I highly recommend trying BAMI Products, they are small but the quality and value is AWESOME!

What small business items have you been using lately?  I really want to know! :)

Later Love Buds!


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