Are These "Not So Free" Freebies Worth It?

Hey Love Buds!

I thought I would do something a little different this week.  I want to share a couple of purchases I made recently that may not quite fall into the "bubbly" theme, but were very interesting.

 Within a couple of days of each other, two different "freebie" offers popped up on my Facebook feed.  Now usually, they are of very little interest to me, but these two caught my eye...

FREEBIE #1: RuMe Baggie All  FREE (just pay shipping and handling)

 After paying $5.95, this is what I received.  Very pretty - you get to choose from several different patterns.  The website says the original price of this item is $11.95 and down in the "add on" boxes below it, shown is a Medium Sized Tote Bag which sells for $9.95 regularly.  I felt like I was getting a good value.  Clearly noted on the website is that this bag is 8.5" by 7.5" which about the size of a piece of notebook or copy paper folded in half across the short side.

On the site, the bag is pictured as such:


This lead me to believe that the bag was made of a material that was thick/sturdy enough to sit up like this.  Not so much.  While the bag I received above is beautiful and well made, it is made of a waterproof polyester material - similar to that that of an umbrella.  Definitely waterproof, but flimsy.

This item was shipped to me first class mail in a flat, plastic envelope - no padding.  I'm sure the total cost of postage including the label, ink and shipping bag was less than $1.00.

CONCLUSION: Not worth it.  I do like the bag, but it is something I probably could have found at the local dollar store for a buck.

FREEBIE #2: Thrive Market Membership plus 15 oz Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil FREE (just pay $1.95 shipping)

I'm sorry I did not snap a picture of the cute box and packaging that my coconut oil came in.  But this is what I received for trying out a Thrive Market membership.  A WHOLE 15 OZ JAR OF ORGANIC, VIRGIN COCONUT OIL!!

If you know me, you know coconut oil is my shuzz! I use it for everything to do with my hair and skin.  Because of that, I tend to not get virgin coconut oil - I buy it by the gallon and it is a little more cost efficient to get refined coconut oil for the amount of it I use.  With this jar, I plan to explore using it for cooking, though I will take a few scoops to prepare my usual weekly hair pre-poo (pre-shampoo) treatment, to see if there is a big difference.

Onto the membership, Thrive Market is a way to get natural and organic products (they have food, bath and body items as well as supplements) at wholesale prices.  Looking over the website, they have many popular brands at very good prices with savings of 20% to 60%. 

The annual membership is $59.95, which could be worth it if these are brands and items you use frequently or want to try.  For $1.95, you get a free month of membership to try it out and see if it works for you AND an awesome jar of coconut oil.  

CONCLUSION: SOOOOOO Worth it.  Grab one ASAP!  

What bargains (or not so much) have you picked up lately?

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love & Loads of Bubbles!

*Edited 6/16/16 to add updated picture of Rume bag.

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