Company Profile: Spicy Pinecone

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all photos courtesy Spicy Pinecone

Sarah, the owner of Spicy Pinecone, is a self professed hobbyist with a special place in her heart for handmade soap and bath treats, according to her website.  She came up with the company's unusual name when one of her son's became obsessed with pine cones.  He would go on and on about his "spicy" pine cones.  After some time, he explained to her that the pine cones looked "spicy" meaning "spikey".  This cute quip stuck with her and is now the nomenclature for Sarah's hobby turned business.

Spicy Pinecone's Dead Sea Mud Brine Soap Bar

Sarah's commitment to quality products and customer service are the foundation of her business.  She proclaims on her site "If I wouldn't use it, I don't sell it… period." Her dedication to experimentation and research has resulted in a great selection of high quality cold processed handmade soap, bath bombs, lotions, bath melts, candles and more.

Spicy Pinecone has been in operation on Etsy since 2011 and their website carries a copyright year of 2013.  This line offers products featuring great natural ingredients along with brilliant colors, micas and embellishments.  Fun names and playful fragrances are key elements of this company's offerings.  

I have personally used several of her handmade soaps and find them to be well packaged, produce great lather, awesome smelling and skin conditioning.  I will be reviewing these items in depth at a later date.

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