My Top 6 Neutral Staple Soaps

Neutral staples?  What do I mean by that?  My neutral staples are those soaps that I keep on hand when I want experience a light, calming shower or bath.  So my neutral staples are those soaps that are lightly scented and usually leave me in a calm state of mind.  My soap collection at this point is well over 100 bars and most times when I select a soap to use, I am looking for a specific experience - a sweet scent, something spicy or sensuous.  Maybe something bright and citrusy or a bakery aroma.  My neutrals come into play when I can't pick one of these or I'm just looking for something in between all of these.  

My neutrals tend to be light and refreshing, but never bland.  Each has a special unique factor that makes it one of those bars that I must always have around.  Here are my top 6.

HONORABLE MENTION: Any Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fragranced soap.  This aroma always soothes me and is my go to when I don't know what to go to. 

6. Lavender Crown Chakra, Indigo Wild
     Calming, soft soothing lavender fragrance in a hardy cold process soap.  

5. Dragon Fruit Green Tea, Unearth Malee
     Mild natural green tea and dragon fruit essence in a gentle cold process bar.

4. Grasshopper, Cream & Coco
     Relaxing sweet grass fragrance with detoxifying charcoal in a hot process cleansing bar.

3. Wonderland, Petals Bath Boutique
    Refreshing, clean fragrance of fresh fallen snow. Only available as a 
    part of their winter release, I try to as many as possible so that I can experience this all year long.

2. Rock Candy, Petals Bath Boutique
    Complex yet simple sugar fragrance spiked ever so carefully with refreshing mint notes.  I was initially  hesitant to try this due to the mint, but it is so subtle it just elevates the scent. I am so glad I received a sample of it in one of my orders. Now it is an absolute must have in my collection at all times.

1. Naked Baby, Cream & Coco
     An amazing play on baby powder, milk and honey that is delightful.  They make a lotion, body cream and body oil in this same scent.  My collection can never be without it.

What are your neutral staples?

All photos courtesy of their respective company websites.

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