Why Do I Love Bubbles?

As a child, I loved watching tons of round iridescent bubbles float up into the sky. They just made me happy! To this day, blowing bubbles is one of my favorite ways to relax.

I can’t be sure that it was specifically my childhood fascination with bubbles that brought me to the love I have now for not just bubbles, but soothing lather, sweet aromas and the amazing feel of bath and body products. And though I can’t remember the exact day or exactly how old I was, I can remember when this obsession either evolved or emerged... My first trip to Bath & Body Works with my mom. I had to have been in high school - I remember it clearly, being in awe of all the gorgeous bottles and the mixing of colors and scents was like DisneyLand for me. The whole store with it’s farm feel (before taking on it's now more modern, spa feel, Bath & Body works branding was more farm or country fair like) and overwhelming and variety of fragrance options just made me happy. That day, with my own money (so it was a very serious decision), I purchased a bottle of Happy Daisy body splash and a bar of Happy Daisy soap! (Yes, I even remember the scent and to this day, any fragrance similar reminds me of that experience).

Later in life, my skin began to rebel and itch from all of those lovely soaps and scents and lotions. But the obsession did not fade. I still craved an abundance of different sweet smelling delicacies for my skin. As years passed, I began experimenting with making my own natural products and even ran a small business marketing my creations. Through research and production, I was able to participate in a community with an endless array of handmade and natural products that I could indulge with without the irritation. And so it began...

Through this blog you will see that I LOVE handmade, artisan soap. However, many other bath and body treats excite me - and through this blog, I will share that passion with you - with an occasional cute animal and hopefully some inspiration thrown in. As a consumer, addict and fan of bath and body products I plan to share my experiences, discoveries, ravs and disappointments. As a product maker and business manager, I plan to express my opinion on products, packaging and services based on knowledge, research and experience. I will also share tips, recipes, product hauls and events with you. I have had some business successes and failures - having learned from them all.  I do not profess to be the end all be all when it comes to these things, however I believe we learn from all our experiences and some others may enjoy and possibly learn from mine.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you'll take this journey with me and enjoy the ride!

Lather & Love,


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