Review: Wyldewood Soap Works

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a few handmade soaps available from Wyldewood Soap Works.  Below is a my YouTube review of these products, which were sent to me compliments of Wyldewood Soap Works in exchange for my honest review and opinions regarding their products.

Mentioned at the end of the video are the many samples sent with my items for review.  In more detail, here are the samples I received:
  •  Honeysuckle - smells just like the sweet, sugary summer blooms for which it is named
  • Peach Lime Verbana - very fresh, clean fragrance.  Almost reminds me of Irish Spring soap.
  • Mint Mango Tea - A MUST SMELL!! This is minty and fruity and delightful!
  • Kudzu - Another fresh fragrance.  Nice and herbal
  • BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA - YES, I meant to write that in all caps.  I do not know why, but for the life of me, I have always stayed away from this fragrance.  One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made!  This fragrance is amazing and now I see why everyone is so crazy about it.  I have a new found love for black raspberry vanilla and it is all thanks to WYLDEWOOD SOAP WORKS!!!!
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Until next time, Lovebuds ~
Peace, Love & lots of bubbles


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