What a Revolting Discovery!


I came across Soap Revolt Naturals on Etsy.  Immediately, I was drawn the the wholesome goodness that just seemed to be emanating from their product catalog.  Jean, the owner, like many other handmade bath and body product makers began creating products due to her own health concerns.  While battling with cancer, she became aware of the toxins in many commercial products and decided to do better.

And that she did.  Her collection of handmade products include soap, moisturizers, face care and men's items.  All are made with no artificial colors or preservatives.

When reviewing these products I was suffering with a cold, I thought it would be a great time to use the lavender mint, dead sea clay soap...AND IS WAS RIGHT!  The exfoliating qualities of the dead sea clay really helped to stimulate blood flow while absorbing impurities and the lavender mint scent opened up my sinuses.  The lather was amazing and my skin was smooth and silky after using it.
soap for sensitive skin face body wash 
I used the big pumpkin soap as a face cleanser and I really love how it cleaned without stripping.  With continued use I had clean bright skin.  Great Stuff!

The shower oil is a light blend of natural seed oils that penetrates quickly and conditions instantly.  It is a great blend for both skin and hair and is light enough to use in the shower prior to drying off as well as after drying off (using for both works nicely as well).

The only downside to this entire experience was the scent of the shower all.  With it being named "orange blossom",  I was expecting a neroli (actual blossoms from orange tree essence) scent, which I find to be very refreshing.  This was scented with orange along with what smells like clove essential oil.  The clove is a turn off for me.  After using the shower oil, to me, I smelled like a holiday ham - you know the ones with the sweet red glaze and cloves stuck all in it.  But that was the only downside.  I really love the way this oil feels when I use it and might try so #mashup ideas with it to lessen the clovey scent.

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Later Love Buds!

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