Feature Friday: Moroccan Mint Tea Soap

*EDIT: This was incorrectly scheduled while trying out a new automatic posting system.  Won't be using that anymore, so here it is if you missed the first time...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Handmade in Florida makes some of the most beautiful soap I've seen.  Zahida put extra love into each and every bar.

In this video, she creates "Moroccan Mint Tea" a beautiful minty tea blend that I decided not to purchase during the last release but Zahida included a sample with my order.  I was instantly sad that I did not purchase a full bar.  During Handmade in Florida releases, the inventory sells out in MINUTES, so there was no going back to grab a bar, but the very next time she offers it, I'll be snatching up a few.

Zahida has leaked on Facebook that there will be an October release from Handmade in Florida.  Keep an eye out and get there early or you'll miss out on these gorgeous handmade gems.

Peace, Love & Loads of Bubbles!

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