Handmade Cartel and Hot Coco Box and...

It's all about subscription boxes today.  My first YouTube video in a couple of months, I know, I know, I have definitely got to step up my YouTubing.  I will, I will!

 I'm excited to share my new YouTube intro and outro with all of you, hope you like them!

I'll post a more in depth video of the October sub boxes I receive, but personally, I hate to see someone sitting trying to open the box, trying to read the labels and inserts, etc.  So yes, I will do more subscription box videos but no, I'm sorry, in the videos I will have already opened the boxes and will share my first opinions. If a YouTube video is over 15 minutes it should be considered a short movie!

 Enough about YouTube, you want to enter the giveaway, right?  Real simple, check below.

Social Media Fan Appreciation Bonanza!
Please share with others, the winners will be chosen as soon as I have 1000 Facebook Fans, 2500 Instagram Followers, 100 Twitter Followers and 100 YouTube Subscribers.
Tomorrow, I'll give you the deets on the Petals Bath & Boutique Autumn release and some more good news!

Until next time Love Buds,
Peace, Love & Loads of Bubbles (and good luck!)

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