#Mashup Monday: Girly Ghoul

It's Monday again!  This #Mashup Monday experiment is brought to you by Fortune Cookie Soaps and A Life Deliberate Soap Company

When I received the Zombie Survival Kit box from Fortune Cookie Soaps this year, I really liked many of the apocalyptic themed items it contained, but my absolute favorite was the liquid courage fragrance oil.  I missed the release of the full sized version and had to content myself with the small vial of sugary, fruity with a soft floral finish, amazballness.

In October, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, Fortune Cookie Soap released the "Pink Courage" set of whipped cream and hand sanitizer in the liquid courage scent!  I jumped on it and open it up to sniff daily!

This whipped cream moisturizer is a water based cream that is thick and rich.  It absorbs nicely into skin and does not leave a greasy feeling.  It's great hydration for thirsty skin.

Shapesifter soap from A Life Deliberate Soap Company smells like a fizzy, fruity combination of ripe blackberries, pink moscato, citrus peel, heirloom strawberries, golden fall raspberries and a hint of sage.  I love the way many of the soaps are molded from this company, they look like pillows to me.  The lather on this bar is creamy and bubbly and the scent is a wonderful sweet, fruity blend.

Together these scents are like a candy bomb!  The fruity notes though different in soap and the whipped body cream blended well yet weren't overpowering because each is grounded with just a touch of earthiness.  

Both of these companies offer great seasonal items and are rolling out their winter items as you read this.  So don't delay, check them out today!

What are you mashing up this week?

Until next time,

Peace, Love & Loads of candy filled bubbles!


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