Feature Friday: Hejin Body Works


Love Buds,

This is long overdue.  This past summer, I traveled to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and visited the cutest darn soap shop with a piggie mascot on the face of this planet!

Hejin Body Works is an awesome soap company owned by Christina & Matt. They started selling soap about three years ago.  In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, the couple began to take note of the ingredients and prices of commercial bath and body products.  The crazy names of the stuff in these items coupled with the outrageous prices spurned Matt & Christina into action.  All of those products looked so clinical and serious.  What fun was there in that?  With those thoughts in mind, Hejin Body Works was born with its owners striving to be the "Ben & Jerry's of the Natural Bath & Body world".

The smell of the shop was so amazing and shout out to Melissa!  She was an awesome host in Matt & Christina's absence.  The only thing more awesome than the quality of the products I picked up has to be the price.  Each 4 oz bar of soap is only $3.99!  You can't beat that with a stick, and why would you? LOL.  

Now for the sad news... Due to some medical issues, Matt & Christina will not be able to operate Hejin Body Works for much longer.  They are looking into options including turning the company over to new ownership.  I wish them all the best, my interactions with them have always left me with a smile.  
This means don't delay!  Head on over to hejin.life (yes, that's the website), and grab tons of goodies.  At these prices, it's like Black Friday prices all the time!

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Until Next time~

Peace, Love & Loads of piggy pink bubbles!


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